• Product Q & A

    Can I change sensor battery by myself ?

    A: Yes you may change battery by yourself on all our external sensor, battery spec is CR 2036 it's inexpensive, safe and easy to buy.

    Will sensor damage if my tire goes into water docking my boat off from trailer ?

    A: Sensor is capable to handle Max 1 meter deep water within 4 hours, however it's not design to use in extreme condition for daily use, it will be fine deep sensor in water occasionally.

    Can I buy extra sensor for my 4 wheels pack TPMS ?

    A: Yes you can buy spare sensor upgrade it to more wheels, it can support max 34 wheels, a transceiver is recommend if vehicle is over 40 ft long and most have 50 ft long and over.

    Can I use same system on my 2 trailers ?

    A: Yes u just need a set for another trailer, our TPMS core advantage is allow multi trailers to share 1 receiving device, and it's easy to switch between trailers, you can done it within a minute, no repairing sensor require.

    How long does the battery last ?

    A: 2-3 years for external sensor, 5-7 years for internal sensor, it's based on daily driving hours, result might be different. 

  • Trouble shooting q & A

    I screwed in all of my sensors and none of them read pressure or temperature?

    1. The monitor has to be turned on BEFORE you screw in the sensors.

    2. Take off all of the sensors, turn on the monitor and take it with you as you screw in the sensors again.

    3. Allow the monitor to cycle through the sensors for 5 to 7 minutes

    All of my sensors read pressure and temperature except one

    1. Use Section 6 in the manual to delete that sensor position.

    2. Use Section 4.1 (Step 5) to pair the sensor using the Inflation Method.

    One sensor reads the temperature, but not the pressure

    1. The sensor may not be fully screwed into the tire.

    2. The sensor stem gasket is missing or not seated completely.

    3. Use Section 6 and Section 4.1 to pair the sensor using the Inflation Method

    The sensor is making my tire leak air

    1. Take the sensor off.

    2. The black gasket in the sensor stem fell out.

    3. Replace the black gasket and screw it back on the tire with an included spare gasket.

    My Alarms are Sounding and a Red Light is blinking

    1. Use Section 5 to adjust your High and Low Pressure Alarms

    2. Set your alarms for 20 lbs above your normal pressure and 12 lbs below your normal pressure.

    My Windshield Suction Cup falls off

    1. Wash the silicone ring inside the suction cup with Dawn soap and water. Use your fingers to gently wash it. Do not use a rag or abrasion.