BLE 5 signal transmitting, triple receiving range than RF signal

    BUT IT NOW !

    No transmitter needed for long trailer

    Easy switch among tractors & trailers, no reprograming needed.

    Smart phone app available, turn your phone into TPMS display, no monitor needed budget saving!!

    Real-Time 24/7 Monitoring increase safety and fuel saving

    Capable individual tire High/Low-Pressure setting. Prevent tires from overheat

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    The KTD-3001BLE TPMS is our latest model by installing internal or external sensors on each tire to increase road safety and reduce tread-wear maintenance costs. According to data from the U.S. Department of Energy, properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent per year. Tires typically experience a loss of 1 to 2 psi per month if they are left unchecked.

    Support from 4 wheels up to 34 wheels, expandable for extra long trailer

    fleet management integrable

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  • Sensor options

    Internal Valve sensor

    Mount: Inside the tire

    Battery: Non replaceable

    Life: 5~7 years CR2050 result may vary by driving behavior.

    Suitable : Harsh road condition prevent object damage

    External Valve sensor

    Mount: Tire valve

    Battery: Replaceable

    Life: 1~ 2 years, CR1632

    Suitable : Truck, RV, trailers on regular road condition. Easy installation and maintain no tool required.

    Internal belt sensor

    Mount: Belt warp on wheel rim

    Battery: Non replaceable

    Life:5~7 years CR2050B result may vary by driving behavior.

    Suitable : Extra long trailer, heavy hauler, mine field truck. Extra long range signal range with built in antenna on sensor.

  • KTD-3001 Applications

    Suitable For All Kind Of Commercial Vehicles And Pick Up Trucks With Own Trailer

    6 Wheels bus

    22 Wheels dual trailer

    Sensor auto connect in seconds

    Convenient solution for day to day freight fleets

    TPMS integration for fleet management

    Collect and analyze data extend tire treadwear